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Monday, July 6, 2015

Working on the bench Monday

Handmade Statement Necklace - work in progress

It's #Monday!

Hubs has to check in office early today so I sent Claire to her play school, it's heavy traffic everywhere when I was driving home cause it's rush hour, Nate is not well so he dozed off in the car seat (he'd normally protest just like how his sister used to be when she was a baby when car is in a stationary state), thus the bonus of the day after staying up on and off throughout the night : peaceful quiet drive. I didn't even tune in to my favorite radio station. 😄

Back to the project I am working on.

You might see no progress from yesterday or day before yesterday but there actually are - I am in search for the ideal way of threading all beads and let them stay at where they should be all these whole and I have been cutting lots of wires composing and decomposing elements, hopefully I can have some steps finalized by end of today. ☺️

Hope you have a great week ahead!

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