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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Handmade Motherdaughter Tutu

Right after I completed and shipped my last batch of custom orders (4 PIPA Bangles) , i took one week break from making jewelry to making tutu for my 3 years old and myself! Cause my son has turned 1 year old (I know, how did that happened, right?) and we decided that it's time to take some family photo, and I thought it'd be nice if I could wear a mother-daughter outfit with my daughter, but making a 3 years old to wear what you want is tough, but it's not impossible! I brought her onto my laps one afternoon before she takes her nap (can't do this after her nap, she's usually grouchy after wake up I don't know why), and shown her pictures from Pinterest, then I made her choose what color would she like for her new tutu (take note, I didn't asked her if she want's a tutu, I asked her what color will she like. :P), she told me she would like a purple color tutu (yipee!)

So off I go to purchase 3 shades of purple tulles - lilac, purple and purple red.

I only know how to make no-sew tutu - I have used stretchable headband as base for my daughter's tutu, and ribbon as base for my own. Both tutus has 2 layers of tulles, I have used 1 roll each for my daughter's tutu and 4 rolls each for myself (that's ALOT of work, especially I could only work after kids are asleep, tying those tulles repeatedly is boring I could fall asleep anytime!)

But the outcome is acceptable, aren't they lovely? My daughter won't take it off her, that put a smile on my face!

Oh just another note - I haven't been wearing heels since I was pregnant with my daughter, that's about 4 years plus now, one thing about wearing adult tutu is that, you must have a pair of heels at least 3" tall, I am glad that I finally have a reason to buy myself a pair of heels (oh how I've missed wearing heels lol!)

And here, my boy whom just turned one, breastfeeding mom's consuming coffee latte, just a cup a day alright? Don't get too worked up on that. Cheers!

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