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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tour to My Jewelry Making Studio

I meant to post this for a long time, but everything else in life are keeping me busy. Today I am showing you my work desk, a place where I made most of my jewelry. I know, it's too clean / neat / tidy for jewelry making, but please understand that I have two curious toddlers at home, it only make sense if I would keep all my tools and materials EVERYTIME before I exit my workroom.

Lighting - very important. I choose LED natural day light for work so that it won't get too warm as I work.

I take note of everything, materials used, tools required, everything, only then reproduction of a design can be possible.

That's my sewing machine on the left, it is extremely underused. Foldio is a life saver, good product picture is everything when you are selling online; hammers and mallets, nothing fancy, but having the right tools to do the right task saves me lots of time and strength.

There's a laser printer that's not in the picture, I cannot live without it either.

Er... because Malaysia is just too warm and I can't be switching on the air-con all the time.

 My little work area.

My R├ůSKOG Utility cart from IKEA.

My new year resolution? Spend more time being creative in this area. :)

Corra x.

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