de Cor's Handmades - Malaysia Handmade Jewelry: The Love Knot - Solar Heart (SOLD)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Love Knot - Solar Heart (SOLD)

This pendant with necklace is now available at my Etsy store. Please check it out for more information.


This reminds me of First Love - The first wire-pendant ever that is made of with the integration of Chinese Knot.

This extremely unique pendant is composed from scratch by using 22ga wire as off-center-base and thinner wires are used to tie the knots one after another. The nature of the knot allows me to twist the knot around to lay flat at the certain spots for extra excitement - definitely a super eye candy for unique-wire-jewelry hunter.
Metal beads, freshwater pearls, and 10mm Zircon bead were patiently attached to the edge of each tiny knot.

The pure silver chain length 20inches.
The entire necklace (pendant and chain) weight 13.1gram.