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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Making - Hematite Oval Pendant

I have this design in my mind since a while ago, but I don't have enough confident that it would turn out exactly like what I would want it to be. So instead of the usual sketches on lose papers (I have tones of them), I bought a sketch book and a pen (yes pen, not pencil, I have problem using pencils because I just won't stop erasing!), then sat down and had a serious drawing - first time after so many years. The last serious drawing was in year 2004.

I wonder how many people still sketch to plan and design when they create... what surprised me was, people seemed pleased when I shown them the initial sketch! :D

So start sketching today will ya?


The Beading Gem said...

No, not many people sketch out designs but after seeing this post, many might! Great design!

Corra said...

:D Pearl, are you saying I have contributed something useful to people? :D

The Beading Gem said...


Corra said...

Thanks Pearl! :D