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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When the East meets the West

Hubby is hoping that I could make a cross pendant for his mom (my mother in law), though I am pretty much know how to wrap three wires together (as I have already done it on my Hugging PIPA bangle), I thought It is only polite to give an official notice to Iza. So I bought her Cross tutorial on Friday evening, thought that I could try it out over the weekend. But the tutorial arrived 2 days later. That's just too bad. She is not delivering tutorials on weekend and public holiday, my problem is I wasn't aware that it was a public holiday on Friday at where she was. And then later came mail server problem as she said - she gotta re-send the tutorial after I thought I'd waited long enough and convo-ed her.

Back to the cross, here's the lesson learned and summary:
  • Purchase Iza's tutorial earlier in week if you are going to try it out on weekend, check her country's calender if there's any Public Holiday too - to avoid appeared like a fool (me).
  • I didn't have 18ga wires so I was using 20ga soft - big no no for big cross like this.
  • 26ga stainless steel wires are just too hard to operate for the wrapping, so I used 28ga stainless steel wires - big no no unless you would wrap the wires closer to each other and tighter.
  • I didn't have the beads she was using - so the "beads" you see at the center portion were Loose ZHU created using technique introduced in ZHU.Ring tutorial.
  • Watch out for the measurements - NEVER EVER use precious metal if you are trying this tutorial for the first time, the buffer wires is more than I'd expected.
  • Learned a few new techniques especially attaching beads at wire loops (ending of the beams)
Good tutorial nonetheless, beginner can try if you are ready to move on to take up greater challenge. Comments are welcome but please be gentle, as I am not totally pleased with the waiting, the too-much-buffer-wires, the struggled-to-get-the-measurement, as well as the outcome.

Thanks for looking! I will try this out in copper wires one more time if the outcome is satisfying, I hope I will have enough time to make it with silver wires.


mksouthmayd said...

Corra, I think you did a fantastic job on the cross. I can't see anything wrong with it. You being the creator causes you to be your own worse critic. Your MIL will love the cross. I wish I could do as beautiful a job as you have done on this cross.

Marilyn from Freer, TX, USA

Mei Tan said...

Lovely cross Corra. I am sure your mom will love it.

Corra said...

Marilyn, thanks so much for encouragement.

Mei, you really have to stop reading too fast and not paying attention what you are reading. :D It's for my mother in law. ^^