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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cubical Ring

First attempt - the idea kicked in this evening and I just had to execute it and see if it would turn out right. It is a variation of Cubic Earrings. I am pleasantly pleased with the outcome - though it didn't turned out exactly like how I'd had visualized it in my mind. Will work out more on the it's details to give it better finish in the next attempt, meanwhile, hope you enjoyed viewing the this. :)

Happy weekend!


Lou's addictions said...

this is stunning, i hope you share a tutorial with us when you get round to it, I dont usually buy tutorials but i dont thik i could resist one for this ring,

The Beading Gem said...

It may not be what you intended but I'd say it looks pretty good.

SueS said...

this design is way cool -- It would be greate to offer this along with the earring variations(studs and hooks) in a combined tutorial. Even if you offered it for a slightly higher price the variations would be worth the price of admission.

Jamie Spires said...

This is so gorgeous and unique, and versatile as well! Great job, I really admire the wirewrappers! :D

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