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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New weaving technique (preview)

UPDATE AS OF 7th January 2009

Tutorial for this new weave is in progress.

This picture will be restored to it’s original state once the tutorial is ready.

Thank you for your understanding.


P/S: Don’t stare too long at this picture as It could harm your eyes.

IMG_9121_dont_stare This time, I am being serious. Last thing for year 2008, so long, 2008.
Hello, 2009. :)


SueS said...

Interesting weave. Will make up into a nice pair of earrings for sure.

BobbiWired said...

I can't wait to see a tutorial for this :)) hint hint hint :))

Gaby said...

If somebody stares at it is because they admire your beautiful work and they may want to COPY it!

Maybe they have no creativity and need to STEAL designs, I guess that AS LONG AS they ADMIT they got INSPIRATION FROM YOU, it is ok...
Would they be humble enough?

my 2 cents

Corra said...

LOL Gaby, I don't know. May be you should ask her. XD