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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Details

Most of my designs/creations were really tiny – and yet I stress a lot on my creation’s “details”. I am not sure if you are able to tell the difference between these photos and what have been photographed before – I know I am very, very happy now with these pictures because, I, finally, am able to present you what valued most for my designs and creations - the “details”.



   PIPA EarringsIMG_1059



ZHU StudsIMG_1050



Passiflora Studs/ Post EarringsIMG_1062



Snowflakes’ EarringsIMG_1066



Friendship Band - BraceletIMG_1054



Beaded Rosabella PendantIMG_1047



The Square Post EarringsIMG_1046


Seriously, I hope you would love these pictures – and their details. :)




Cattrix said...

Just Lovely Corra, your precision is so excellent!

Lou's addictions said...

These pictures show exactly how handmade jewelry can look perfect. I am so jealous of how you can achieve this and hope I can become this good

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful:)