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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Handmade Origami Appreciation Cards


My other passion. :)

Handmades Origami Uchiwa Appreciation Cards, attach it together when you ship your items to your customer – and they can use it as an excellent bookmark, too.

Will be listing it soon at my ArtFire store, do check it out soon.


MS said...

they are very nice and for sure your customers will appreciate it too :o)
I started to make small origami boxes and corner bookmarks, because I like watching people open them with this twinkle in their eyes and mouth open heh this view says more than "thanks"

Shay Stone said...

Those are lovely Corra. I love sending a little something extra when I can and I bet these will be popular:) Very pretty!

Jo Hannah said...

I love these! :-)