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Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Updates

I’ve been missed! LOL!! Thank you for writing to me (you know who you are!!!), I am doing just fine – been visiting and being visited, spending ALOT of time with family and friends, and thought I’d just quickly post some photos just to keep you updated with what I’ve been up to!

IMG_9885New bag by SHINZABURO from sister in law – my current favorite!!



MIL’s handmade’s deco – she is the master of all these, I shall take more photos of her pretties soon!


IMG_9639One of the reunion dinner – The dish in the center is called “Lou Sang”, we are supposed to mix and mess the dish up and yell out loud of the best wishes while we do that! :D



Flower tea – After dinner


IMG_9922 And we have been on wines and cheese EVERY NIGHT for the passed one week.


It’s such a good catch up that we decided that we should extend the CNY visiting to another country for this coming week – so yes, I will be out from my country for the next couple of days, but we are going to stay in and will still be connected to the internet - so your purchase will still be attended. :P


Please drop a comment to win an Ang Pao if you not already have – the contest will be officially closed on the 15th day of Chinese New Year, which is on the 9th February 2009. Good Luck and I will back in action soon!


Many hugs,



A.Smith said...

Hello Corra,

I am glad you liked my little greeting! Now, remember that February 4th is truly the New Year according to the Luna Calendar so don't forget to eat some noodles and make sure you don't break them so you won't break your luck for the year of the Ox.

Thank you again for the tutorials, I am looking forward to find the time to use them. I got some ideas as to how and I promise to send you photos once they are done. Come and visit, by the way, you look gorgeous in that photo.

MS said...

I wish I could have heard you shouting the wishes hehe and this flower tea ... sweet view :o)your sister-I-L had a great idea with the bag, gorgeous one!

Susyny2 said...

Corra I love your SIL's decorations! please post more photos of her handiwork! enjoy your celebration with family and friends.. it is nice going away for a while isn't it? Never have tried Flower tea.. but it looks interesting.

I guess she had a great idea giving you a new bag, big enough to bring lots of gooddies back home.

BobbiWired said...

You are sorely missed, but I'm glad you're having so much much fun. Th photos are beautiful btw!!! Love the one of Flower Tea!
Big Hugs