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Monday, March 9, 2009

A little bit here and there


As soon as I posted my FISH to forum, people start sharing FISH’s history – how it is associated to Christianity and all. Whilst enjoying the read up about how “Fish” are related to Christianity, I would also want to tell the history of this design of mine.

Download and learn how to construct this NOW: DHC009 FISH, Tutorial.

Well before I start, allow me to brag a little about this: for those who have had my tutorial won’t be surprised by the quality of the pictures I’ve used for my tutorial, but still, I can’t help but still want to show a bit of the photos I’ve took to compose this new tutorial. A set of photos like this is used to compose this lesson, like it? I am sure you do. :)

I’ve also included an optional chapter if you decided to add more texture to the Fish’s body, because now you can. :)

Anyway, as mentioned, this design is heavily inspired by a song in Cheers Chin’s new album titled “Fish”. It’s a Chinese song (obviously). I always love Cheers for her “raw talent”, too bad her lyrics were too great to be translated (may be someone that masters both Chinese and English language could try to translate?), and moment like this I’d always be grateful for being someone that could read Chinese. :)

Enjoy, and have a great week ahead. :)



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Anonymous said...

I like to check out all your new tutorials and I have purchased quite a few! This design, while associated with Christianity, can also be enjoyed by so many other interests....I am sure you have another "winner" of a tutorial here! Teri Twitter: Teri_B