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Sunday, April 26, 2009

All at one glance

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Updated on 28th April 2009 to include Build 6.0 and 7.0.

There’s still one more pendant that’s missing from here, but I am tired and I am too lazy to photograph it now. I will do it later, hopefully tomorrow morning and then I will post it.


I have been terribly busy at work and there’s no way I could be possibly create anything at all in time for Mother’s day – no way, period. And I have commissioned pieces to work on, all due for Mother’s day, I should be practicing this long ago, but really I can’t find time. So I went crazy yesterday – whole day, and half of today. After having my weekend coffee, I craved for dimsum. So again we visited our nearby dimsum place (, then we were home since.


I kept creating and repeating the same steps for the ROSE focal, and experiment the wrapping around the focal – I couldn’t be more thankful to have the drill’s help this time around, it  speed up my work for at least 100times, at least – promise, and I hit just ONE problem: I cannot remove the coils from the working mandrel properly, perhaps I held the wires too tight when the drill moves… I kept practicing (as you can see, for 6 times now) but same problem persisted. I sent a mail to master Perri the first time I hit the problem but the problem solved just a second after I hit on the Send button (unwrapped the first few coils and that’s it), so I sent another mail to tell her that problem resolved. But I guess I was wrong, I was just being lucky, the problem didn’t go away but improved after a few more attempts, simply don’t hold the wires too tight which, to me, it’s very hard to gauge how firm my fingers should be staying with those wires.


Overall, I had fun, and the latest one, the 6th pendant, which is missing from this post, has most consistent appearance. I am going to put that on me for a couple of days, if everything goes well then I will make it into silver, then get ready to be sent to my dear Mother. Wish me luck that I will be able to steal sometimes next couple of days!


P/S: I haven’t file tax yet.

P/S # 2: I will let DH settle his Mother’s mothers day gift this year.




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