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Sunday, April 5, 2009


I started to feel it – and here’s something exciting. :)

For the Love of Beads is a new Toronto based online bead store owned by Suzanne and Emily. They announced that starting Monday they are going to have a big contest!

Emily Ramsey (Emily reminds me of the Devil wears Prada and Ramsey… Ramsey the chef!) contacted me recently to let me know they are doing an Easter Egg Hunt and Raffle to launch their new blog. I told her I will be away for the Easter week and hence, posting this entry slightly earlier. The 1st Prize will be $250 worth of beads! 4 lucky individuals will also win jewelry made by Emily (see picture of one of the prizes below).


Quote from her:
"The first clue will be posted on the blog this coming Monday, April 6th. Everyone who finds at least one egg will recieve a coupon for the store and those who find all 5 eggs will be entered in a raffle for the main prizes. The contest will run from the 6th until Monday the 13th. The raffle results will be announced Thursday that week."

That’s seem to be a pretty easy deal – I thought she would have wanted me to plant an egg in my blog! I would love to see how my blog readers hunt down the egg (if I ever have had one!), so now go play will ya?

Good Luck!



Moke said...

Thanks Corra!

I'm greatful to have met a bunch of nice bloggers in the last couple weeks. I'm glad to have recieved such positive responses already from the people I've talked to.

Have a good vacation!

Oh, and changed the contest slightly. Decided to let everyone enter the raffle once for each egg they find instead of having to find all 5 to enter. (Posting from my husbands blogger account right now)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blogs