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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ROSE, Pendant

I am back! And I have been missing my wires and pliers! (suckerrrrr…loser…whatever!!!)

Here’s what had been running around in my mind throughout the entire journel, until I am finally settled down only will I able to execute the plan. 

  IMG_2916 IMG_2922IMG_2915 IMG_2926

So here it is, and I am going to write a tutorial for this pendant design. Also, for the first time, this tutorial do have a pre-requisite. This pretty little ROSE Pendant is composed with two knots, one had been delivered in Rosabella Pendant tutorial and I am currently working on the another knot (already!). So do check back or, become a fan of de Cor’s Handmades for newsletter. :)


Hope you enjoyed your Easter as much as I did!



Gaby said...

I think this design is really cute!
I will tell you more about it in email, just not so safe to post things anymore since "lurkers" can be design stealers!

Very nice and I hope you have fun making the new tutorial!

Diana Norman said...

This design is absolutely stunning! I love those woven wires! This is one of my favorite knots to tie, it's very relaxing!