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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Story of “O”, Prototype



The scary thing about “time” is, it passes too fast. A friend came back from U.K, she was a newly wed then, and now she’s back with a kid! I met up with her and found out that the next day after our day out, it’s her son’s 1 year old party.


I don’t know.

I feel so old now.


Anyway I’ve been wanting to make her something, something that she would “want” to wear. She is a sucker of simplicity just like me, or worse. I asked [N] for opinion, and [N] said: “if you want her to wear it, then your stuff must not be difficult to wear, must not be difficult to remove, and it must be low profile and never pop!”


Argh I am sure [N] and I was in sync. That’s so her, [P], but her last name starts with [O].


She told me once before that she’d like something with toggle clasp, I guess here it is. The bracelet itself must be low profile, must not pop, must not cut her baby’s face, must not have the potential or ruining her beautiful expensive chiffon Chanel outfit (ok I made this up)… I can only play details on the clasp.


I hope she’ll like it, and wear it.


P/S This is a prototype piece made with Artistic Wires, I will be wearing it for a day, and if nothing goes wrong I’d make them into silver.


2nd P/S: If you are curious how to tie this knot, do check out Perri’s Mobius Strip Tutorial.



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