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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Story of “O” – Revised Handmade Toggle


She is such lovely person that hubby also want to chip-in ideas here and there, just for being a participant sake. So hubby tried it on after I made Story of “O” into silver, and commented that Mobius on both clasp and toggle is “messy” (did i hear that correctly? HOW DARE HIM!!!)


Anyway I do want the knotting on the clasp “pop” (quietly), so I’d take hubby’s words for it – I changed the toggle (I learned to make this toggle from here, thanks Armored Drake for such wonderful instruction!). I didn’t follow exactly the material list, my toggle was composed with 18ga wires and 20ga wires, oh wow 20ga coiled twice for the bail and the rest on the toggle bar… S-O-L-I-D!!! I don’t think [OPL] will be able to break it that easily. XD


Enjoy viewing, am going to attach a charm later in the evening (not sure what will it be yet) and it’s ready to be sent off. :)




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Anonymous said...

I really like the wire wrapped ring on this toggle. That wrap on the ring would be great in a contrasting metal, since it allows the larger wire to show thru! Lovely. Teri