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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Braided Cross…


IMG_3937 IMG_3941 IMG_3946  IMG_3952 IMG_3955 IMG_3959

Technique: Braided Cross Tutorial

Hehe, Crosses goes multiply!!! Each time I make a braided cross I’d found a way to improve the knotting and the composition somehow, which is a good thing to me!


Off topic:

Today is 端午節 (Duan Wu Festival, aka Dumplings Festival) in Chinese calendar, as usual Mum was busy making 粽子 and I’ve been having that for lunch for few days now. :) Nice stuff, I do know how to wrap them up, Mum taught me few years ago, but I still don’t know what’s the recipe:


Photo originated from Wikipedia: 端午節 (Duan Wu Festival, aka Dumplings Festival)



And It’s almost Friday now! YAY!


Happy Duan Wu Festival all!


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