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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garnet Braided Cross

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Technique: Braided Cross Tutorial

The idea came across when I was speaking to Ms. Perri about the braided cross tutorial I was going to write – if you’re a fan of hers you would have known by now that, many of Ms. Perri creations have similar setting as the cross presented in this blog post. I was busy preparing to publish the tutorial and hence, haven’t got time to try this out until today.


So… what is it that I really wanted to tell?


Well I think each time when I speak to people I am inspired, or influenced. Then again I believe3 that not everything we heard we will process – you change when you are ready for a change. (oh that leads to another phrase that I love: “The only constant is change.”)


In summary, open our heart and willing to accept what other’s are trying to tell, you would often gain something out from it.


P/S: Thanks Perri, for your constant guidance all these while, thank you for your knowledge sharing, and than you for your constant support.


And for the rest of you, do enjoy the rest of your Sunday today!




Anonymous said...

Lovely post; beautiful cross.

BobbiWired said...

This is gorgeous Corra!! I love the added beads! - I can't wait to get time to play with the tutorial!!

Shay Stone said...

Great cross Corra. Every new design you come up with is a thing of beauty:)