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Monday, August 10, 2009


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I am never good at wrapping briolette, so I use jump-rings to hang those brios this time, and I (honestly) never good at naming my design(s) – “Leah” was the first name that came into my mind after I am done with this pair of earrings. Yeah, it’s from “Twilight” (again), the female-wolf that Sam left behind after he met his imprint girl. I guess the leaf-like shape of the earrings contribute a little on the idea of naming it after “Leah”.

It’s blue obsidian teardrop beads by the way.

Hope you’d find it interesting!

Technique used: TwinHearts Knot, Ring (FREE)



Wendy Sue said...

~"I am never good at wrapping briolette"~

wtf corra??!! U can do all these crazy knottings with wire and u r saying THAT??!

I'm not buying it lor..... :P

Corra said...

Wendy dear - wa-eh sim-su bo-lang-zai.(No one understood my pain...)

I mean it - wrapping brios are TOUGH!