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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jiasha Earrings, Wired Chinese Knot

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I say thank you many many times each time I translated a new knot into wired form, I am grateful for able to see new possibilities and I say thank you to my wires for letting me to torture them (and close to abusing them) and put them into great risk of breaking them all the time, thank you, my wires, for surviving and made it to the end of the making process.


It had been a long while since I created something colorful – and here it is! The new Jiasha Earrings, green and purple Swarovski Crystal Pearl-beads in the house, along with genuine Garnet bead as well as round Rock Crystal! So I have Green, Purple and Red altogether (clear Rock Crystal cannot have color can it? :P)


I love this pair of earrings very much. But I forgot to take it’s measurement as of now. My guess is – about 2cm diameter. Will get the actual measurement later and will update this post accordingly.


Thank you so much for looking, and I hope you love what you see.



Unknown said...

Ooooh they're SO beautiful! I really love the design. You have such a knack for re-creating chinese knots with wire *stares at you in amazement*

Agnes Sim said...'s awesome!!