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Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowflakes Studs, Wired Chinese Knot

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Question: Is it possible to create a pair of studs earrings out from Snowflakes Earrings Tutorial that you’ve released for last year’s Christmas?
Answer: Of course.

In fact I have plans. A little something for you my dear readers, for those who have had the Snowflakes Earrings Tutorial since last year.
To make this pair of studs earrings, this is all you need to prepare:
  1. 2” of 20ga dead soft round wires
  2. 7 X 2.5mm round beads (make sure the bead hole allows 20ga wires to go through)
  1. Round nose pliers
  2. Flat nose pliers
  3. Flush cutter
  4. Ruler
Basic and Quick Instructions:
Step 1: Measure 1” from one end for both wires
Step 2: Make a cross and then insert one bead at each exit wires.
Step 3: Tie the Snowflakes knot as instructed in Snowflakes Tutorial.
Step 4: Now you will have 4 exit wires after tying the knot, choose ONE of the exit wires and fold it 90 degrees behind – this will become your post earrings wires. Measure 8mm for the rest of THREE exit wires and trim away the excess, use your round nose pliers to make a loop on each wires.
Step 5: Push each loop down to open them sideway, insert ONE bead to each loop. Push it back up to close the loop and you’re done.

Pretty simple isn’t it? I would love to spend more time creating more stuff but I really am very tight up recently, so I does everything in mind first. It took me 2 hours to visualize it in my mind before I execute it, and I’ve spent 30 minutes for the actual work, as what one of my very wise friend said: Everything that happens, happens two times, once in our mind and once when it happens because we made it happen. :)

Good luck, and say you love me!


Unknown said...

Oh nice! They're kind of different from your usual style. Melikes

BobbiWired said...

Very, very cute Corra!!!
Luv you :D