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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wired Chinese Knot – The Perfectionist


A sneak peek of my latest project!!! *Weeeeee*

New knot desu ne!!! Actually it isn’t a new “new knot” per se, Chinese Knotting is well known of it’s versatility and hence, this knot is a derivation of a basic Chinese knot itself. I am still in the midst of exploring it’s possibilities, finding a perfectmatch for this knot is going to be fun!!! I start it with ring, and am confident it will be made into bracelet and earrings. I lurrrve new earrings designs!

It’s been awhile since I picked up my pliers, aside from the recent copyright infringement incident, I too am busy learning some new stuff to value add myself. Have you heard of SEO? I think everyone should pay some attention to it. Other than that, finalizing my course outline also keeping me busy, remember to write to me if you 1) stay in Malaysia, 2) interested to learn to make jewelry that can sell, 3) interested to run an online business.

Oh one more thing, to all Malaysian bloggers – if you are with Google Adsense you might have to register a company, I know, that sounds silly, it is depressing that us people are so restricted to be creative in earning money, but please do whatever it takes so that you will not be positioned at the false. Malaysia is a place for survivals, we all will live. To register a company, avoid The Mall period – they are slow and they will handle agent’s requests first, go to the one in Shah Alam, and go there early, they open from 8:30am, you should be done by 10:30am if you do everything correctly – bring a copy of your I/C.

Today’s lunch is McDonald’s McDeluxe spicy chicken burger, with a complimentary Coke – well, thanks LH, actually. She had migraine and took some pain killers, so she had to ditch her Coke; I was craving for just the burger when I placed my order, no Coke, and I don’t mind taking over her Coke since painkillers and soda cannot mix. :P

Do good stuff, and be creative!
Corra @ Malaysia

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