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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Coiled Jewel by KSJewelleryDesigns

Another awesome wire jewelry tutorial added into inventory, filed under guest artists section. You may download the instructions to create coiled jewels be it earrings, bangle or pendant by Kristin (from K S Jewellery Designs) from de Cor’s Handmades’s instant download site on KSJewelleryDesigns: Coiled Jewel, Wire Jewelry Tutorial page. An absolutely easy project that you could go on creating a couple of them and then call them as last minute gift.
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So the learning point of this project – you learn to attach beads to something plain, make the boring pieces not so boring. I personally thinks that the bangle is a fairly interesting project. Invest on this craft eBook, you secure a chance to sell your jewellery at boutiques, fairs, parties, Etsy and Folksy like Kristin, and if you are keen, you could take in commissioned orders too.

Hmm from what I can see right now, if I were to introduce you a tool to help you achieve this project, that would be this steel bench block flat anvil jeweler tool, as well as a jeweler hammer.
Go check it out now, and I hope you have fun creating.

~ Corra that does handmade wire jewelry

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