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Monday, September 6, 2010

Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Curly Q Bezel Reversible Pendant by WickwireJewelry

Curly Q Bezel Reversible Pendant

Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Wire Wrapped Curly Q Bezel Reversible Pendant

This is not something new, I mean, Nancy first published this in around December 2008!

 Curly Q Bezel Reversible Pendant Curly Q Bezel Reversible Pendant

Again, I hope you like what I have done for you.

I’ve invited Nancy to park her tutorials in my instant download site, and will be listing them one by one each day.

This Wire Jewelry Tutorial provide you a set of instruction constructing this an embellished reversible bezel setting from sterling silver, silver, copper (or any wires) for a top drilled gemstone or glass pendant. From this eBook you will learn to obtain the measurement that suits your choice of gemstones/beads, and apply variation as and when you need to. As claimed by Nancy, the construction method results in an extremely sturdy bail that will not break.

Again, you are not obliged to purchase any tutorials written by any Guest Artists from de Cor’s Handmade instant download site. If you’d prefer more personal touch with Nancy or any other designers yourself – buying their designs directly from them so you could receive E-mail from them directly, please feel free to do so. I am just a platform provider that’s all, although Nancy and other designers will be notified of whom have bought their designs - they will have your record when you bought their designs through my website, so should you need help, they will be ready to assist you; If you have reverse-engineered their design(s), please don’t approach them and tell them that you have bought their design(s) through de Cor’s Handmades website, they will know you are not telling the truth. :P

Please be informed that other designers are putting their designs slowly on de Cor’s Handmades instant download site, check back if this information interests you. You no longer have to wait for your purchased eBook when designers are spending time with their loves one and when they are out-and-about, you now have an additional option to obtain their jewelry tutorials. When you spare them some moment, they now have more chance to seek for more inspirations – with that intention I am sure you will get to see more valuable offer in the future. :)

Let’s hear what Nancy has to say:

“Hi! My name is Nancy Wickman. Like most people, I started making jewelry because I love to wear it. It quickly became a passion that hasn't let up. I have a hard time limiting myself to one style because I love it all, from working with wire to molding with clay. Jewelry should make you feel unique and special when you put it on and I hope mine does that for you. When I'm not making jewelry (which isn't often) I teach classes in wire work and take care of my 5 Boston Terriers.”

And this is what do I know about Nancy:

“I knew Nancy from Etsy. She got my Wired Chinese Knot PIPA Earrings tutorial not long after I’ve published it, and the rest was the history. I still remember how she’d made her Wired PIPA design, and then later, Passiflora. Mind you, Passiflora is the most challenging design I have ever come up with, I myself have hard time constructing it, but Nancy handle them just well, not only that, she even made “

That’s all I want to say for today – you go have fun shopping! :)

~ I believe in the power of platform – that’s where the power of number is. – Corra Liew

Corra @ de Cor’s Handmades

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