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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Handmade Earrings, Pendant and Find Your Signature by SuzyQJewelry!

Pendant with Netted Base
[Click on the above image to see this gorgeous pendant on the gorgeous model!]
Pendant with Netted BaseSQJ002aSQJ003a
More Wire Jewelry Tutorials add into Guest Artists section in de Cor’s Handmades Instant download site now!!!
Today we are introducing SuzyQJewelry (I am sure though majority of you already know who she is!!!)!!!
Susanna produces only intricate wire jewelry designs no less, if you are searching for a study charm-like pendant, I would urge you to learn to make her signature design for start: Pendant with netted Base. And I thought it was terribly nice of her to have compiled all her experiences, skills and knowledge and put them into another product of hers: Find Your Signature Style. If you have been making jewelry and have not been able to find identify your niche or you wished to have a signature design of your own, this is the information you should not missed! Aside from that, Susanna also wrote an instruction in composing her very popular Taj Mahal earrings. She listed this design in SuzyQJewelry too if you would like to buy a pair of it, she handmade this designs and they are now can be found all around the world in both silver and 14k goldfilled with pearls, garnet, topaz or peridot, a perfect ethnic jewelry that’s totally feminine, Susanna love most of it’s ethnic touch.
Here’s a little Bio about Susanna:
Making jewelry are my passion since 2004 when I stumbled upon my first Internet forum about beading!
I started with plain stringing but are now all addicted to the wire wrapping technique tought by Eni Oken - an american jewelry designer. Now I find most of my inspiration from the victorian era and the ornamental traditions in Asia and India. A big source of inpiration for me are also the talented Magdalena Borejko.
I live 100 kilometres north of Stockholm in Sweden. When I am not with my family or at my full time job, you will find me at my workbench.
Proud member of the The Wire Artisans Guild since year 2008 and European Street Team. Read more about the Wire Artisans Guild at In the section The Wire Artisans Guild, to your right, you will find a selection of jewelry created based on a weekly theme challenge.
You should absolutely check out finished product by SuzyQJewelry in Etsy, too!
That’s all for now, I hope you love what me and Susanna have put together for you. :)
~ Corra that does handmade wire jewelry

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