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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wire Jewelry Malaysia – Silver WAU-Hoop Earrings, Finalized Version

Silver WAU-Hoop Earrings
Silver WAU-Hoops (Right)

Silver WAU-Hoops (Left)
Silver WAU-Hoops (Side View)
It's been almost three weeks now since I've last picked up wires - Malaysia had officially entered the raining season of the year, and if you are visiting Malaysia right now you will see many people walking while coughing. I had been coughing and not able to sleep until I went for X-ray to confirm there's nothing weird going on in my lungs, and then, those drugs made me drowsy and tired all the time, I figured it certainly is not fair for my customers if I were to create anything and sell it to them then, so I hang on to it until I am 100% recovered.

So now, I am presenting you the finalized Wire Jewelry Malaysia - Silver WAU-Hoop Earrings in 92.5 silver now! :) They have 4cm diameter and each one of them weighed 4.3gram. All metals are silver, adorned with Yellow Zircons and Gold color Swarovski Crystal Pearls. To wear them, please open the hoops side-ways instead of pulling them left-right-apart to preserve it's shape, wide them with anti-tarnish clothe before put them back into anti-tarnish bag or jewelry box.

I guess I am back in designing and creating again now then. :) Do check back often for updates!
Take care!

Corra @ de Cor’s Handmades

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K S Jewellery Designs said...

Hi Corra

Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, literally! (I hope you understand that expression... or maybe it's only an English thing we say?).

Anyway, I'm so glad you are better and back designing. These hoops are beautiful.

Kristin :)