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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wire Jewelry: Diamond Round Earrings On Me

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Wire Jewelry: Diamond Round Earrings

The challenge us artists will face is that, when we magnify our designs to deliver a very clear view of design's elements or components, viewers get overly obsessed in details or even hunting down construction's flaws. Not entirely a bad thing, well not entirely a good thing, either. Buyer deserves every right to see their pieces being magnified and presented with it's most detailed details, but, they might forget they are supposed to imagine themselves wearing the designs on them.

Which is exactly why I will have to put it on me. When I presented this design alone, the feedback was not great, people think I should use different kind of gemstones, people thinks that the components weren't connected in a more perfect manner, etc.

But hey, look at it when it's on someone's earlobes!

I absolutely love this design and won't change a thing to make it look "more perfect" to your liking, perhaps one day you will be convinced? :D

Want a tutorial for DiamondsRound Earring design?

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Corra @ de Cor's Handmades


LittleStar07 said...


Gorgeous earring~ pretty model~

Perfect match!

I like it much!

Wendy Sue said...

phewwww-weeeet! ;P

Cristina said...

Hi, Corra!

Well, you're so pretty I'm sure will ever look bad on you!
I love the earrings too!

Why not show them both ways? On you and magnified to show the details?

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