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Friday, March 25, 2011

Wire Jewelry: Diamond Round Earrings

Diamond Round Dangling Earrings this is, also known as Diamond Circle Earrings.
Earrings' diameter: 2.3cm. Made with 92.5 silver wires and diamond-cut Cubic Zirconias.

These earrings will surely turn heads, I know I would! I have always love seeing people wearing simple diamond circle earrings, personally I'd think they shout louder than any colorful/ wild earrings. Oh wait, diamonds actually gathered all 7 seven colors I reckon? Earrings are not as heavy as some diamond hoop earrings can be, I love it for it's visibility - you just can't miss it when somebody is wearing it. And I am not ready for soldering just yet - so to create swirls to stay put all wires seems to be working. I love it's simplicity too, simple means durable and adaptable to any occasion, it go well with shirt-and-jeans as well as evening gowns, basically, these darling make pretty everyday pieces.

Material I've used:
- 20ga wires
- 30ga wires
- 1 pair of earhooks
- cubic zirconia beads
Considering this as an easy project, it took me approximately 4 hours completing one side of the earrings mainly on wire-wrapping the frames together as well as attaching a set of eight Diamond-cut Cubic Zirconias onto it. This sparklies go really well with Boyfriend Shirt + old-torn jeans and opened-toes heels.

See it's size on my palm:

Want a tutorial for DiamondsRound Earring design?

Love making jewelry, though it's a damn lonely process. The result is rewarding, and hey, I get to wear new jewelleries whenever I want. So please envy me, LOL!

UPDATE: Step By Step Tutorial that uses same technique to make this design is now available for download - Diamond Circle Ring.

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades
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Art and Whimsy said...

I do, Corra! I envy your skill and vision!