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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wire Jewelry Tutorial: Marquis Filigree Pendant

Category: Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Title: Marquis Filigree Pendant
Artist: Victoria S Goulder a.k.a Vickie Goulder

If you are new to wire jewelry making, you may still consider to try this out although this is meant for people who have some experience.

Vickie, the writer of this Wire Jewelry Tutorial/ eBook/ Pattern, love the simplicity of this filigree pendant. She took the effort to write it down so that people get to have some insight how this was done. All the tools and materials needed to construct this design is included in the eBook, and the download is INSTANT, you no longer have to wait, remember artists are human too, they will be away from their studio once in awhile for a some fresh-air!

Check this item out soon, as I've mentioned, you can totally download this Wire Jewelry Tutorial instantly after PayPal is done processing the transaction, and most importantly, you can get 20% off this item - something only offered at

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