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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wire Jewelry: Celtic Knot Pendant

Celtic Knot Pendant it is then. :)

Definition of Celtic Knot (Directly from Wikipedia):
Celtic knots are a variety of (mostly endless) knots and stylized graphical representations of knots used for decoration, used extensively in the Celtic style of Insular art. These knots are most known for their adaptation for use in the ornamentation of Christian monuments and manuscripts, such as the 8th-century St. Teilo Gospels, the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Apart from that, art of Chinese Knotting also have knotting as such, often presented by applying variations to Double Coin Knots.

So I drew the design on iPad on 1st April 2011, executed the design on 2nd April 2011, and then didn't have time to blog about it until today. :)

People said the end result looks much better than the drawing, ouch, I promise I will work on that. Perhaps I should really be serious about learning the correct way to draw a Celtic-Knotting diagrams.

Take a look of it's actual size on my palm:

Looking at it in different angle:

Want a tutorial for Handmade Celtic knot Pendant?

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed viewing. :)
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