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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Promotion at de Cor's Handmades

Photo by Corra Liew
Date: 20th April 2011

That's my sister's new born and her!

I have been the in house photographer - I discovered my new talent after my nieces and nephews are born one after another, it definitely is the blooming seasons, I have got two siblings are going to celebrate the Mother's Day and Father's Day for the very first time. What a joy! :)

So, let's get back to the objective of this blog post.

Almost all jewelry artists I know would offer a Mother's Day promotion for their products and that got me into thinking - what will it be like if I put all these artists together?
  1. Buyers get to choose various designs from various artists.
  2. Buyers get to choose various designs from various artists at discounted price.
  3. Buyers get to choose various designs from various artists at discounted price, and get to enjoy further discount if they buy more BECAUSE WE WANT YOU TO SAVE MORE, you use the money saved to buy materials and to execute/ practice or make more wire jewelry, as gift or for yourself!
  4. Combined fan-base. Each artist has his/her own customer-base a.k.a. fanbase, putting all fans together means increasing the chance for artists in "recruiting" new customers. :P
So here what I've done to my guest artist friends for you:
  1. Proposed the promotion plan - invite them to join the promotion by maxing their earning by charging them only $0.20 per item sold instead of $0.50. (Currently, they reimburse $0.50 for an item sold regardless what is their item's price - just so you know when you buy from, the benefit of the person you are buying from are well protected.)
  2. Do all the accounts and let all the artists know who have bought their product so they know what to do if buyer contacted them for support.
And here's what you, my reader a.k.a. potential buyer should do:
  1. Enjoy up to 50% discount off jewelry design tutorials from
  2. Enjoy up to 50% discount, with 20% further discount by checking out 3 or more items marked with "%" sign at product image.
  3. Instant download all your purchased jewelry design tutorials.
  4. With the money saved, buy more jewelry making materials and make more jewelry, sell them or please people whom you care.
We hope you like what we have done for you!

Very well wishes from myself and our guest artists to ya all, Happy Mother's Day!

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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