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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wired Chinese Knot - ZHU.Studs

DIY Mommies wear Stud / Post Earrings this is!!!

I named it "ZHU.Stud" - inspired from Chinese Knotting, it's constructed using Chinese Knots, just that I've constructed it with wires instead of traditional fabric cords.

Earrings Measurement: 5mm X 5mm
Weight: 0.7gram each stud.

I only used 20ga wires amd 24ga wires to create this pair of earrings, and standard wire jewelry making tools for execution.

The final result is extremely light weight and I can barely feel it, it's also tiny enough thus I doubt any little one is able to snatch - then again, will need to observe. I remember when my sister had her first child, I made a pair of earrings as gift, she said thanks politely but I've never see her wearing it. When I asked, she told me she can't really wear any dangling earrings, she only wear simple studs.

Since then I've been creating studs.

Pardon my ignorance back then, it's new to me, that babies love to pull, snatch and grasp things as they discover what their hands can do, and often the victim is their Mom. My nephew yanked my earrings as and when he want (sometimes I forgot to remove them before I approach the baby), I had to beg him to release me! Hoops are the worst accessories, too, unless you enjoy punishments.

So yes, we are expecting our first little one next month, and I STILL want to be accessorized - and I know many Moms too, therefore, for someone who had not been producing making any wire jewelry, I took out my toolbox again and made this pair of stud earrings. I know I would be totally busy with my little one soon enough, and of hand I have two stud earrings designs yet to be materialized.

So what’s the solution if you still want to accessorize? Studs — the classic, a must-have in the earring world. Because they fasten on tight to your earlobe, a baby’s hands aren’t as likely to grab them so easily.

Other Stud/ Post Earrings designs I've made so far that you might be interested:
Rose Stud/ Post Earrings
Stud/ Post Earrings for White Swan
Woodsen Stud/ Post Earrings
Lilyv, Stud/ Post Earrings
Squarie, Stud/ Post Earrings
Basically, Lilyv and Squarie is the extended design of ZHU.Studs.

So if you are expecting, or if you wish to accessorize your friends/ relatives that's expecting or already have kids, I think this could be a best pressie for them - and you DIY it, that add extra meaning to it. :)

Happy crafting!

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades
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