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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Re-purposed T-Shirt Into Braided Headband

Pretty? After practice sewing on paper, I was eager to have some hands-on real fabric and thread. I was referring to exactly this Brother NV50 review Part I from youtube to find out how to setup the threads. Took me about an hour, I don't know why, there are threads didn't go to where they supposed to go I think, and putting thread to bobbin can be challenging (sigh, I really am that 'new" to sewing!)

This is where I've got the fabric from - an old T-shirt of mine, from U2 Ladies, it had served me well, very comfortable, and really fitting. I stopped wearing it when it became too loose, but I never had the heart to throw it away. Last night before I cut it into strips I was telling it I'm going to turn you into something I could continue to wear. Oh forgot to mentioned, I got this idea from Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands, by Ashley @

Wanna see my shirt before it was shredded? Here it is... oh well, half of what it was and the finished headband:

This headband is not hard to make at all, and you don't really need a sewing machine for this project. There are few things you might want to watch out for, though:

1) The shirt that Ashley uses do not have a seams at it's sides, mine does, and it was quite challenging to braid the headband with serged seams, I used pins to fix those area so the sergers won't exposed to the displaying surface.

2) Ashley mentioned that she made her strips about twice as long as the measurement around her (or her daughter’s) head - this doesn't apply to my case, mine was about 1.5 times longer than my head's measurements or less, so it's important to measure your braided strips around your head every now and then to decide where it should end.

That's it, Ashley's tutorial is perfect and all of you should try, I really enjoyed making this headband and I believe I will be making more! So thank you Ashley, you're awesome!

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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