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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Diamond Round Ring, Will-You-Marry-Me?

Creating something to please myself had become a daily thing to me recently, there are lots of ideas to be executed yet so little time to materialize them. I was helping a guy friend to shop for an engagement ring (again, I am always the chosen one for this kind of task), and all boutiques had been tempting me to trade in my engagement ring for an upgrade. I didn't go for it, but boy, you gotta love those sparkling stuff. So I came home with mind full of those diamonds. Then I decided to make something to make myself happy to get rid of the sense of deprivation.

Closer look for this Diamond Circle Ring:

I handmade this in the end, Diamond Circle Ring, knowing me not going to have any new diamond pieces anytime soon. I only uses basic jewelry tools to make this Diamond Circle Ring, I wanna keep it simple so I could create the rest of pieces in this design to make a set. The ring is completed in 3 hours, turned out to be size 12, 2.4gram and the circle's diameter measures about 1.8cm.

Here's how it looks on me:

Was just thinking may be I should make pearl trims myself and then use it for this design, to make a set of jewelry consist of earrings, pendant, necklace, ring and bracelet.

Meanwhile, here's some other ring designs that you might be interested:

Ein's Ring
 Secret Treasury Knot Ring
Cubic Cluster Ring

Cubical Ring
Hope you have fun looking, and be inspired!

P/S I've submitted this post to craftgawker so many times and the admin kept giving different reasons to decline, until finally putting down statement saying that I am blogging this mainly for marketing. I don't understand, must I submit my step by step instruction how to make this in order to have my creations posted in their website? I had been participating in craftgawker since early last year, it had never been so difficult to get approval, and I realize my posts will usually get declined if I've submitted it on Thursday & Friday, perhaps the admin for Thursday and Friday is extraordinarily hard to please? Craftgawker used to accept submissions as long as the photos are beautifully photographed or pretty enough to get people to have the urge to check it out further, they now only accept submission with free tutorials/ instructions that came with it. I do understand business needs changes over time, but hey, I had been your pioneer user! Craftgawker even took down my previously approved projects just because I never published the step by step instructions for my designs for free even then, they accepted that fact last time, and they changed their mind and dug out my old submission to disapprove and remove them right now. The thing is, I really cannot afford to publish my step-by-step instruction for free, because these designs never came easily, but that doesn't mean I am not keen to keep my readers inspired.

I can only be disappointed by craftgawker for so many times, hurt me enough I will back off forever. If craftgawker didn't bother having my submission because they only wanted free tutorials and instructions, I'd respect their business decision.

To craftgawker admin: Please be easy on us artists, for me, I do what I can to get my works out there, if you seriously have no interest in accepting submission that doesn't have free instructions that come with it, please state it in your terms and condition. That would save us whole lot of time and effort. Thank you.

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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Bex said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the simplistic design with a touch of classic feel to it. Can't wait until I get my hands on the tutorial :)