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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Stacker Ring Toy, To-Do Project for Year 2012

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I was drooling over Happy Stacker Ring Toy pattern (by Heather Bailey) from Southernfabric's Etsy store, and then you-know-who bought it for me. :)

Not having any sewing experience, I don't even know how to start, but common sense says: Need to get fabric first. So I was shopping over to see what wonderful fabric deals I could possibly secure.

Then I found fabriccloset on Etsy. :)

I simply don't know where to start, it was wise that I've sent a convo to the shop owner, Krista, to consult her if she could suggest something for me to make the Happy Stacker Ring Toy. It took her few hours (thanks to the time difference!) to reply, but I didn't quite favor the color theme she suggested, so I went ahead to browse around her store. It was really fun shopping at her store because Krista really has ALOT of fabric that's worth looking! She had also been totally helpful and responsive throughout the whole transaction, not only she was patience over my silly questions (I told you I am totally new!), she was also 100% flexible about working out a workable plan for the both of us - such as suggesting total fabric in yards I could possibly have at what shipping rate, and being so understanding that since this is my first attempt on fabric craft, she customized most of the orders for me (instead of full yard of fabric, she allowed me to take only half a yard or less).

When I finally concluded what I would like to order, Krista found that it actually exceeded lowest shipping rate, to maximize my interest, she disclosed that she could ship 2.5 and 9 yards of fabric at that same shipping rate, of which I really should not waste the fabric allowance. After a thorough consideration, I decided to top up my orders but not exceeding my own budget. I topped up 2.5 yard + 31" of fabric in the end, and Krista told me there were still 5.5 yard of fabric allowance left! Since I already am paying for the shipping cost, I offered other friends to tag along their orders if they are interested - and for all you know, the offer was snapped almost immediately! (I love my wise friends, haha!)

I officially placed the order on 23th January 2012, then it arrived yesterday (8th February 2012). And I am so relief that I didn't get taxed for buying these beautiful fabrics from the United States. :)

Parcel arrived - Priority mail @ flat rate charges.
Total yummy!
A glance of what we have gotten
Karen's order: Joel Dewberry, Kate Spain, and Michael Miller Fabric Bundle, 4 Half Yards
Yee Lin's order: 1) Sparrows in Bark, Joel Dewberry Aviary 2, 1 yard; 2) Lodge Lattice in Lilac, Joel Dewberry Aviary 2, 1 yard
And these are MINE!
And I'd be more than happy to list down what I've bought:
1) Green Peacock Eye, Modern Affair Collection, Art Gallery by Patricia Bravo, 1 Yard ($6.50 per yard, 1/2 yard)
2) Nearby Floral in Candy, Michael Miller, 1 yard ($8.75 per yard, 1/2 yard)
3) Alphabet Soup Squared in White by My Mind's Eye, Riley Blake, 1 Yard ($8.50 per yard, 1/2 yard)
4) Alphabet Soup Main in White by My Mind's Eye, Riley Blake (18" for $4.25)
5) Trees in Jelly, Just Wing It by MoMo for Moda, 1 yard ($7.75 per yard, 1/2 yard)
6) Meadow Lace in Goldenrod, Joel Dewberry Deer Valley, 1 yard ($2 per yard)
7) Dots in Baby Blue, Moda Essential, 1 Yard ($7.75 per yard, 1/2 yard)
8) Sprigs in Light Green, Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket, (31" for $4.25)
9) Birds and Apples in White, Timeless Treasures, LAST FAT QUARTER (1 fat quarter for $2.50)
10) Bohemia in Lilac, McKenzie, Dena Designs, LAST FAT QUARTER (1 fat quarter for $2.50)

Phew, such long blog post. I hope you find this resourceful! I am not sure when will I kick start the project, but looking at these beautiful 100% cottons, I dare not to take the risk for now, so will first practice to make something out from cheaper fabric first.

Hopefully it won't take me too long for the first attempt, will keep you posted! :)

Happy crafting all!
Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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