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Friday, February 10, 2012

50% + 20% OFF DIY Jewelry Patterns aka Tutorials

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Photo source: Valentine's Day Flower

Just like to make a quick announcement - that all DIY Jewelry Patterns / Tutorials by Corra Liew (me) and Achmad Irfan are now set with 50% discount, and are eligible for 20% further discount should you checked out 3 or more items marked with "%" sign, as usual.

All items' prices are updated on Etsy, ArtFire and Craftsy as well, I would encourage you to check out items either from or Craftsy because these two websites offers instant download, you do not need to wait for me to send you the file. :) For Etsy and ArtFire, there might be some slight delay but I will try to keep it to minimal!

P/S: Take note though, if you are checking out my items from my Craftsy's pattern's store, you will not enjoy the 20% further discount no matter how many items you bought at one go, the system there is too new to support that. Sides, tutorial packages also not available at Craftsy simply due to the same reason, they currently only supports PDF, not ZIP files. :)

P/S 2: I might not be posting so frequently after this blog post but I will be around, in the event of me taking too long to get back to you, please excuse me for the delay. I can explain. :)

Til then I see you again, take care!
Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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