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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double Layer Serena Flower - Wire Jewelry Variation

This is the variation I have been working on since I've published Serena Flower Studs / Post Earrings tutorial. By using the same workflow, I've created a dual layer of it, a layer with larger petals at the back. I was thinking to make this into another headband so my baby could wear it for our friend's wedding next month.

A glance of it in my palm:

Behind the scene:

Jewelry Measurement: 4.5cm diameter, 9.4gram.

A little too heavy for baby's headband isn't it? I am wondering if I should go ahead with the plan, or I should turn this into a ring or bracelet.

If it's going to be a ring, then this is how it should look like:

If it's going to be a bracelet...

Hmm. Decision, decision.
Let me have some thoughts about it before I decide.

I shall post a finalized piece then. Meanwhile, hope you had fun viewing.

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades


Isom said...

Corra, could you still make this to attach to your baby's headband by altering the design of the large back petals? After all, all the wire used to weave the large petals would account for much of the flower's weight.

Instead of the solid weaving, what do you think of just using the outline base of those bigger petals & embellish them with a single row of wire crochet on the inside edge of each petal?

I tried to see in my mind what it would look like & think it would be fairly pretty. I don't know whether it would still be too heavy. You'd be able to judge that best yourself.


Corra said...

Hi Jude, yes it can still be made into jewelry headband, what I will do is sew it onto a piece of felt, then sew it onto elastic lace. Question is will it be too heavy for baby, if it is then I might eventually have the headband for myself. :)