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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Serena Flower Studs and Jewelry Headband - Malaysia Wire Jewelry

Greetings from Malaysia.

Noticed that I didn't wear the design and have some photoshoots? I hesitated because:
1. I have put on weight becoming a mother, I am still in the midst of losing them. I thought I would lose them first before I post photo of myself again. :P

2. Because I do not have time to reproduce the design, I stole the anti-clockwise side of the earrings and turned it into jewelry headband for my baby so that she could wear it for her cousin's birthday party.

3. I still haven't reproduce the anti-clockwise side of the earring, hence, I do not have a pair of earrings to show as of today.

But request came in early. I have to let people know how does it look like when worn.

So here it is. Serena Flower Studs Earrings, absolutely easy to be modified and made into jewelry headband, too.

The anti-clockwise side of earring is now a jewelry headband. And it belongs to my little princess now.

As for the back of the design - I promise it's not bulky. It is as flat/lean/clean as you could ever want it to be. :)

Download the instruction if you are interested to make one for your own:

I do hope you are happy to see me again. :)

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades


Felicity said...

Hi Corra, thanks for posting all the extra photos! You and bub look amazing :D

Corra said...

You are welcome! by the way would you drop me an email at please?