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Monday, September 24, 2012

Malaysia Handmade: Butterfly Jewelry Hair Clip with No-slip Grip

Name: Butterfly Jewelry Hair Clip with No-slip Grip.

I try to make my little one a little something every month, and this month I decided to make something slightly bigger, and something colorful. I hardly make anything colorful in my line of designs, so this new try is pretty exciting.

So here it is. It's a butterfly, with white, blur, dark green gold and pink Swarovski Crystal Pearl beads, featuring pink CZ Stones and Green CZ Stone. I don't have Grosgrain blue ribbons, only satins; and a piece of 4.5" of hot pink grosgrain ribbons.

Her Dad's comment was this does looks like something suitable for ladies at all age...

Can you imagine it on a toddler, a teenager or even a bride's head?
Something old, something new;
Something borrowed, something blue;
And a silver sixpence in her shoes.
Do you think my little daughter would wear this for a really long time? All the way til on the day she gets married? I am thinking too far long, heh. I wonder if all mothers does that.

A side view of it the butterfly:

In my hand. I didn't notice those glues on the wings until I was processing these photos for a blog post. So silly. I only pay attentions onto those wires, though those glues can be easily removed. I shall examine all my pieces before I publish them in the future, I can't stand this kinda silly flaws, it's poking my eyes now. LOL.

And this is my precious little one. She crawled over and pecked on my cheek for the very, very first time this morning. Heh. Growing up too fast. Too fast.

Hope you had fun viewing my handmade little jewelry hairclip, I look forward in creating something again soon!

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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