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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rosalie, New Rose Ring

Yet another very very neat piece of Handmade Wire Jewelry Rose Ring done by Anya.

She has been making ONLY this design for passed two years, and as far as I know, orders hadn't been stopping. Good for her. :)

To refresh your memory, I have got one from Anya too. :) 

Still one of my favorite collection after all these years.

From Anya:
★Rosalie★ Anya Rose style

Since Apr 10, 2010 I bought Kiki's tutorial,
Through constant practice and change,
I found the directions to make it in different way on Jul 23, 2010
【Rosalie" has been created.】

The design was a greatly improved version based on Kiki'd Adjustable Ring tutorial:

Just a gentle reminder, though, Kiki's tutorial teaches just the basic concept, I have been watching Anya improving the design over years, it's pretty much very different from what kiki'd taught, but the basic concept is still valid. I personally think that's a good thing, because that way, new learner will see the potential of kiki's design, and what can be done after.  have fun!


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