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Friday, December 5, 2008


Greeting!!! Another variation I've came up with. Observe the second pictures - it's the back and front view, they are identical no matter you're viewing them from front or from the back!

A photo of me - self-portrait *ahem* with iPhoen camera (yes their camera can't produce good photo), I just would like to show you it's size, so please bear with me of the photo quality!

P/S: I am so hopelessly in the holiday mood already! Can't wait for the Christmas and New Year to come!!!


Gaby said...

Those are just GORGEOUS!
For years I have tried to come up with a snowflake design for earrings and never succeeded! lol
But I will try your tutorial for real (I open the pdf and I just stare at the design, lol).

Maybe you will make a mini tutorial for these ones? wink, wink ;)

thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

SOOOooo pretty darlin!! They look gorgeous on you too :)

Lisa said...

Gorgeous as all ways. I love these they are fab and I don't think I have seen a bad photo of you yet.

SueS said...

Yet another lovely design.

highstrungbeadsetc said...

So pretty! A tutorial would be great...

sandi said...

They are just as lovely as you are...Hope to see a tute on them soon

barbara said...

They are fabulous! I have my fingers crossed for a tutorial. My daughter is getting married in Feb. and her theme centers around snowflakes. She would look wonderful in these! As an intermediate wireworker, hope I can master.

Corra said...

I am overwhelmed with such lovely comments you all left for me, thank you so much!!!

Gaby, you're always welcome, and I would like to thank you for your support!

Erin, you've gone MIA for a while!!! Thanks so much for the compliments!!!

Lisa, I can't post ugly picture of myself to scare you off, can I? LOL!

SueS, its cute isn't it? I hope you'll like it!!!

Highstrungbeadsetc & Sandi, hmm this is a variation of DCH007 (kindly check it out) and Dec 2008 is the busiest season that it might take a while for me to write this tutorial. What about you getting DCH007 and I will brief you through how this variation is applied? Hope you like the idea! ^^

Barbara, I urge you to check out DCH007, I promise guide you through the process of creating this Snowflakes earrings.

Barbara said...

I know why the camera 'broke' (or doesn't take good photos!)...You're beauty is too much for it...True...I love your earrings. The size is perfectly shown in that photo...

Barbara J.

Jamie Spires said...

Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. You have such talent!

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