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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh my…

Dear everyone, please meet Huan Pham.
I was reading through the mails from WWJ Yahoo Group, read Anne’s E-mail, and then saw these wonderful, wonderful designs. (Thanks Anne!!!)
Believe it or not, ever since the unpleasant experiences I’ve had last year and early this year, I have developed a hand full of side-effects, one of them was – I can never able to look at a piece of beautiful/amazing jewelry art for too long. I would as if hear *those people* says:”what are you trying to do? Are you trying to steal???!!!”. LOL. So yeah, I’d close the browser and forget about what I’ve just saw and fortunately, I always have the ability forgetting what I want to forget (and frankly speaking this ability helps heap in terms of enabling me to do things differently every single time).
Just imagine me having to read back my own tutorial(s) in order to compose something I’ve composed/taught before. I forget, as soon as I wrote a tutorial, and then the learning –> developing –> teaching cycle restarts again. :)
So same thing happened when Huan Pham’s site loaded. My reaction was close the browser right away as though I’ve seen something horrible! But it’s too late – there ARE things in life that I won’t want to let go, like Huan Pham’s creations. I’ve already seen it, and I like it, and I do not want to forget about it. So I wrote Huan Pham a letter. I told him how I’ve found him, and I told him that I am blown away. Huan Pham wrote back the next day, telling me that he knew me (he knew me??? he knew me!!! Hear that, hear that!!!) via an Aussie Beading Forum, and he wouldn’t mind it at all if I were to write about him in my blog.
Right. Now here’s my confession.
I never able to spend too much time in a forum, be it my favorite Starving Artists Forum (I met most of my jewelry mates from this amazing forum, thanks to JenK! :) ) or this Aussie beading forum… I wished to have more than 24 hours a day, really, so that I could mingle around… but too bad, my dear readers. I would only try to keep in touch with people only when they go disappear for too long (you know who you are, i miss you.), and I start studying my fans only when I want to plan an event for the fan-club.
I am such an effortless @ss. But I hope you’d still love me.
Back to Huan Pham.
Observe the dragon he’d made. Amazing, ain't it? :) The nicest part of it is - I think I might be able to create a similar effect with knotting. Now you see why am I into knotting this much. Different gauge of wires, different directions of tying the knots and different color of the wires would fetch such a great different – and you will never know what will you be having in the end. I am very, very grateful to have meet Huan Pham, and I would like you to meet him too.
Big hugs to all of you, wish you have a happy weekend. :)


Shay Stone said...

Hey Corra,
I'm so glad you posted his work. I also just heard of him a few days ago and "blown away" doesn't even cut it. He does the most inspiring work I've seen in a quite awhile and isn't it true that he's only been playing with wire for about 2 years?? (I think I read that in his profile) Wow...
I also hear what you are saying about not looking for too long at someone else's gorgeous work, so I'll just back you up and say that yours is quite unique and wonderful!

Corra said...

LOL Thanks Shay for your compliment, I would want to be as brave as this gentleman, though. :)

Heri said...

Corra, thanks for posting this..he is amazing.. genius.. .. wow.. look at the dragon.. wow.. I'm speechless..