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Sunday, March 1, 2009


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Material: Sterling silver wires, sterling silver round beads, garnet, Rose Quartz.

Tool: Round nose pliers, flush cutters, steel block.

Weight: 4.5gram each.

3.5cm tall and 3cm at it’s widest measurement.


Hope you have fun looking. (I LOVE my camera!)


Story behind:

I’ve been wanting a steel block for a really long time, but I didn’t have the effort until I wanted to make this pair of earrings. I remember Shuku hammer flat almost all of her creations so I dropped her a mail to ask where could I get one of those block, then she directed me to Ah. THAT!


Steve contacted me awhile back whilst compiling a list of jewelry makers in Malaysia, I do know him. But I didn’t know he carries it! FYI, jewelry materials and tools are very hard to find over here in Malaysia, I source most of my tools directly from the States or, nearest, Singapore, the shipping cost from the States are terrific, and the government tax we have to pay are a complete disaster – you could take my word for it, just imagine how I was trying to find a soldering torch and in the end, I had to place down a special order by telling them the exact brand and model I was looking for, and it took them good 8 months to finally put it on the shelves. And now I couldn’t start Perri’s tutorial because I can’t find the proper drill for coiling, though I’ve finally got the WigJig from Singapore.


So Steve, this young gentleman, welcomed me with his big warm smiles when I arrived, and I’ve got what I wanted. I am surprised that he even carries Artistic Wires, I’ve been searching for it since day one but I couldn’t find it here!!! So if you are in Malaysia and want to know where to find tools – you could still write to me, but I am sure you will be able to find most of them in – it’s convenient, they send stuff to your doorsteps, cheaper than you drive down and park your car in the premises (and heck, Berjaya TimeSquare definitely isn’t a place for me to hang out for too long.) Oh by the way, please don’t bother telling him about me, though – their stuff are already very affordable that they won’t be able to give you any further discount and mentioning my name won’t fetch you any perks! :P


Happy Sunday, all!





Jenny Pong said...

Steve is a wonderful supplier! I got my metal block from him sometime back! Nice work with the new technique!

Mei Tan said...

Very nice Corra!
I know steve too..but never met him though :)

Misa said...

Corra, I love these!

Pretty Things said...

Lovely earrings! And I love my steel block. It scares the cats when I whack that hammer, but I do love the results!

MailleEtc. said...

Gorgeous, as usual! For those who can't get their hands on a steel block, a talented friend of mine uses a cast-iron griddle. One side is pretty beat up, but he's saved the other side for finer work.