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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unchained Melody

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Technique: FISH Tutorial

The Spirit of the song, YU (Fish), by Cheers Chin, is being free and unbound by.

I did not close the circle, instead, I set the shape by stitching through those spaces of the knotting and attached a diamond cut Cubic Zirconia at it’s center.


This pair of post earrings have 1.5cm diameters, and it’s 1.7cm tall including the Swarovski Crystal bead at it’s top.


Enjoy viewing!




Perri said...

Beautimous, Miss Corra! So delicate, yet so substantial. I think I would like them without the CZ, too! Beautiful work!

Laura said...

Corra, your creativity never ceases to completely amaze me!! I love these earrings, just beautiful!

heartdancr said...

I love these!