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Saturday, April 25, 2009

CZ Rose, Pendant, Build 2.0

IMG_3251 IMG_3235 IMG_3242

No I didn’t stop creating after posting CZ Rose Pendant 3 hours ago. I was still trying to find what is the best composition, what could be possibly improved. And here, I am pretty much done with this design and going to break my silver for this, now. Work had been crazy and there’s no way I could create during weekday’s evening, and Mother’s day is around the corner. I am sure I will be busy with this design for now til May 2009.



P/S Drill tool is SO COOL! Thanks to Perri’s tutorial on Drill and Coiling, IT CHANGED MY WHOLE LOT OF JEWELRY CREATING EXPERIENCE! Go grab it now will ya?!


Catch you again later!




Lou's addictions said...

I think this is my favorite rose yet. I loved the toggle on the O bracelet too.

BobbiWired said...

This is gorgeous Corra - I agree with Lou - my fav so far too!!