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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Weekend


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Ah such a busy weekend!!! Friends visiting in the afternoon and then met with family for the whole evening, weekends has become more and more precious to me these days, wonder does it has anything to do with age. :)



Finally I’ve decided on this. I am determined that the shape of my Buttoned Jewelry need more solid packaging than my usual packaging due to it’s knotted nature, so I got them this in the end – a reusable tiny transparent casing. Pretty practical little thing, definitely worthwhile for keepsake, and then I’ve adorned it with the Washi Paper I’ve bought from Ryan previously (randomly selected specially for me!), now the casing and the jewelry in it are equally lovely!


The casing is light, so I doubt it would incur any additional shipping cost, anyway we’ll see. It’s now ready to be shipped and I hope the new owner (you know who you are! *wink*) would love this as much as I do!


P/S: You might also want to check out Ryan’s Small Slide Top Tins (The Earth Tone Set.).


Anonymous said...

What a great idea and I love the button know jewelry.

BobbiWired said...

This is a gorgeous idea Corra - A wonderful compliment to the knot!! And really really sweet thought for the new owner!! wink wink :))