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Friday, May 22, 2009

Chewie. I like him already.


Did I mentioned that Chewie is almost one year old now? And he still like to chew – just anything and everything. He annoys me all the time, I often think he should be a cat (sorry cat-lovers), cause he haven’t behaved like a dog. He like to block my way, just so that I would spend some time to interact with him (get outta my way!), and he lay flat in-front of me so that I can’t get into the house.


He is annoying.


But something happened just now and it changed me. I think I like him now. I need to pen this down before I forgets. I forget things too soon too easily these days.


Work had been busy and I had to stay in the office til midnight. So today is just like any other day that I would stayed back for a deadline. When I finally left the office heading home, got off the car and get to the door, I thought I heard some foot steps, turned around, I saw Chewie. he was clearly half asleep whilst walking towards me, and then he stopped and looked at me with his half-opened eyes.. he must have been sleeping! And yet he would still come to me even though he is often being ignored (by me)….


So Instead of unlocking the door to get into the house I turned around and go towards him, petted him for a minute (sorry, but I can only afford one minute, I will do it better next time!). For the first time I said goodnight to him. And then he stayed where he was until I got into the house and shut the door. I looked out the window and saw him turned around, slowly walk back to his comfy sleeping zone.


And this whole thing happened in an absolute silence.


P/S: He isn’t caged. He has the whole garden to run around – that’s just a little fence between the garden and the walk way to the house. I think he still thought he is tiny that’s why he always try to tuck his head through the gap between the fence, and forever get stuck.




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