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Friday, May 22, 2009

Rosabella and it’s tips


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A customer posted a question for this tutorial and I thought I’d share some tips over here (spread too thin I am, but definitely updating JL site soon about these tips).

“Really have tried with this one. Step by step the first two pages of instructions just don't seem to follow with what I have done.....pity as it is quite lovely...any help would be appreciated”
  1. When the tutorial arrives, remember to read through it once or more times FIRST to understand the whole process, best if you could visualize and practice it in your mind. (Trust me this works, I studied Perri’s Celtic Braid tutorial for 2 hours and then go to bed, and practice it in my mind in the next whole day. I was as though going for an exam!)
  2. Orient your tools and wires exactly like how I’ve positioned them in the tutorial.
  3. Accidentally found workaround: There's a little trick I've discovered when I sprained my wrist awhile ago. My wrist were too weak and my fingers could not hold on the wires. But I had to create a Rosabella in a particular way for a proof of concept so that I could finally move on. So I used a nylon pliers to clip at the petals before pulling wires through the spaces to form another petal (you will understand what I am trying to say when you try out the tutorial), so if you are having hard time to hold the petals with fingers you might want to consider that.
Head up:
Rosabella design looked simple – but it is actually not. Any experienced wire jewelry maker knew it takes too much to make something looked simple, Rosabella is a typical example for case as such and IMHO, the more experiences you have with wires, the more you need to forget. I forget my own designs all the time. I had to revisit my own tutorial(s) every single time when I received an order for those designs. Knotting with wires were never easy, I have never able to write a “simple” tutorial for any knotted designs, that is actually one of my vision for this year and I do hope I would achieve that soon. So please bear with me for the time being, don’t be discouraged, don’t give up too soon. May be you can try to forget everything you have learned about wire jewelry, forget about what I have taught you in other tutorials too every time you start a new project, and try this one out slowly as though you’re learning to make jewelry with wires for the very first time.

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Happy Friday!

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