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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trios - Hoops Earrings

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Technique/ Reference:

Braided Cross Tutorial

ZHU Knotted Hoops Tutorial

Moana Hoops Earrings Tutorial by Erin



“Can it be made using just plain wire, and not coiled wire? The coiled wire makes it more feminine in my opinion...and would be great for a lady, but for a man, I'd prefer regular plain wire.”


“Coiled wires are more versatile for design as such. You could, however, try this design with plain wires but it has to be 26ga or 24ga, nothing thinner else you won't be able to see the knots...”


Today I gave it a try of the mentioned answer just to proof the concept. A returning customer of mine (thank you!) dropped me a convo at Etsy requesting for a pair of Hoops Earrings. “Do whatever you want.”, she added. Don’t you just like a request like this? Get to close a deal yet able to make something totally your way? :)


So here’s the Hoops Earrings. She always like her stuff blings, so I attached 3 CZ Diamond cut stones to the hoops, utilizing the same knotting introduced in Braided Cross Tutorial without coiling the wires, and thankfully it turned out to be neat too! Hope she will like it, and hope you would like it too!


Enjoy your Sunday!


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